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Travel Buddies is a ministry that offers all adults the opportunity to travel together to interesting sites and events. Transportation is provided on church vans. Excursions are publicized well in advance and there is a small charge for each trip. Please check the upcoming newsletters for dates and details. You may also contact Jeanne Buck at 526-2177 with questions.

Please Note:  You may make a reservation at any time for any event by contacting the church office. All fees should be received in the church office by the deadline listed, and should be paid by CHECK ONLY, made out to “FUMC”, with Travel Buddies noted on the memo line. Checks will not be deposited until the date of the scheduled activity. You may cancel your reservation for any one trip and pick your check up from the church office. Checks for cancelled reservations must be picked up within thirty days of the registration date for the event. After thirty days, no refunds will be made.